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Hi! I'm Reuel, an experienced graphic designer and solopreneur

I'm passionate about developing visuals that help businesses and individuals build connections with their target audience with practical and effect designs. I'm also design enthusiast that also finds a hobby inphotography.

I'm based in Portsmouth, UK, but I have had the opportunity to work with clients around the world. If you're looking to give your designs a distinct look, I'm your guy! But if you just want to have a chat, that's cool too! 🙂


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About me in 30 seconds

Hello! I'm Reuel, a seasoned graphic designer and solopreneur with a passion for crafting visuals that foster meaningful connections between businesses, individuals, and their target audiences. Through my practical and impactful designs, I help clients achieve their communication goals. I'm also a photography enthusiast.

While I'm based in Portsmouth, UK, my work spans the globe, with clients from diverse locations. If you're seeking a distinctive visual identity for your designs, I'm here to assist. And if you simply want to chat, that's perfectly fine too! 🙂"

Frequently ased questions

What should I expect working with you?

You should expect clear communication, designs that fit your needs, a professional project page and fair prices.

How do I get a project started?

To get started just book a discovery call so we can build the fonudation for our potentional working relationship. From that point how we proceed will be made clear so we're on the same page.

How long does a project/design take?

This depends on the project and my schedule, for example, a logo design can take up to 4 weeks to get approved while a poster or EP cover design can take a couple of days. Whatever the project I try my best to meet our agreed deadline.

What programs do you design with?

I use Figma a range of Adobe products, depending on the project, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. For photography I use Adobe Lightroom.

What's included in a project page?

Your project page serves as an important hub where you can access your invoice, the project schedule and meeting notes. It is also where you can review submitted designs and access all approved designs.

What is your design process like?

Firstly, I familiarise myself with the design brief submitted, this gives me a chance to ensure I understand exactly what's needed. I then go through a phase of research and brainstorming collecting as many ideas necessary and categorise those ideas appropriately. I use the researched and brainstormed ideas to influence several concepts that I filter before presenting the best ones.

What kind of photography to you do?

At the moment I'm focused on small events, corporate headshots, product and portrait photography including, couple, family and individual.

How do I book a photography session

Its really simple, just go to thebook photography session page, fill out all the questions and we can get started.

How much do you charge for your photography

Check out my prices on the Services & Prices page to see the packages I offier. If you'd like to enquire about a bespoke service just use the contact me form on this page or message me via the chat.

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You may have some questions so why not drop me a message.

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