Cover artwork for new single by Island Kings


2 days

Design Brief

To create a design that captures the essence of Jamaica in an simple and artistic way

Cover artwork for new single by Island Kings

Design Process

With only two days to complete the design, I created an express version of my work process that involved the following:

Research - Gathering inspiration from similar Jamaican artwork (at this stage I also discussed with the client how the photoshoot for the cover should be done).

Sketching concepts - Created a few concepts on my sketch pad.

Digitalising filtered concepts - I then selected and vectorised the best-sketched concept

Bring it to life - This is where I presented the concepts with mock-up examples so the client can visualise the design better.


This project was one of the quickest turnarounds I've done and the client was pleased with the final design.
This is what they had to say:

"For this single, the idea came to the team to release about a week and a half before the Olympic games. Because we predicted that Jamaica would do well, we wanted to release the song in the thick of the games which gave Reuel 2 days to conceptualize and finish the cover art from scratch. Of course he came through!... And in fine style. The art work aptly provides a feel of the black green and gold patriotic spirit of the Jamaican people and of our national anthem. I have been working with Reuel for over 10 years now, and I have never not not been impressed by his work; whether he has a two week deadline or two day."

Stream or download the song here

Cover artwork for new single by Island Kings
Cover artwork for new single by Island KingsCover artwork for new single by Island Kings
Jamaica Land We Love snippet

Jamaica Land We Love

Single Cover
Aug 1, 2021

The client

Island Kings

The project

A new project from Island Kings launched in celebration of Jamaica's Independence and the proud victories during the Olympics. This rendition of the Jamaican national anthem is unique and refreshing.

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Sora Meda
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