Brand design for a Jamaican will writing service


6 weeks

Design Brief

Will & Tomorrow is a Jamaican company that makes writing a will extremely easy and secure. Andre Rob, the founder of Wil & Tomorrow, was looking for a design that not only matched their ethos but complimented the direction he wanted his brand to move in. The logo, colours and brand elements all needed to be a true reflection of goals while being trendy, approachable, relevant and trustworthy.

Brand design for a Jamaican will writing service

Design Process

With just over a month to complete the logo and initial brand elements, the design process involved gathering inspiration from other relevant brands and developing a concept that matched Andre's vision. This was reflected through:

• Research
• Sketching concepts
• Digitalising filtered concepts
• Bring it to life


While this is an on going project the final logo design and design elements complimented what Andre was looking for with an approachable and positive look that appeals to the target demographic

This is what Andre had to say:

" It’s my esteemed honour to have Reuel as part of the team! Your work speaks for itself!"
Brand design for a Jamaican will writing service
Brand design for a Jamaican will writing serviceBrand design for a Jamaican will writing service

Will And Tomorrow

Dec 31, 2020


Andre Robb

About the project

As it stands Will and Tomorrow is the easiest, most affordable way to make a will online in Jamaica. Part of their goal is to break down the negative stigma of preparing a will and get families more informed and interested in getting a will completed.

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