Logo design for media company


2 weeks

Design Brief

Based on the name SORA meaning Sky in Japanese, the client wanted a design that was simple but explained the upward and forward direction of the company. Sora Media is a platform that showcased a range of creative content.

Logo design for media company

Design Process

There was no except to the design process with Sora Media, so I used my work process that involved the following:

Research - Gathered a wide range of inspiration from research also incorporating the cultural relevance of Sora in Japanese

Sketching concepts - Created a few concepts on my sketch pad.

Digitalising filtered concepts - I then selected and vectorised the best 6 concept

Bring it to life - This is where I presented the concepts through an interactive link with mock-up examples so the client can visualise the design better and comment their amends.


With Sora Media they selected their preferred design without any round of amends, possibility my fastest approved project to date.

Logo design for media company
Logo design for media companyLogo design for media company

Sora Meda

Logo Design
Oct 31, 2021

The client

Jason Sawyers

The project

Sora Media is a brand that takes quality, efficiency and detailed content seriously. They target companies or individuals who want to document and tell their story in a way that is clear, on brand and creative

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