Logo design for black professionals

Design Brief

The Early Years Black List is a start up community interest company looking for a simple, relevant and effective logo to get things started.

Logo design for black professionals

Design Process

Even though the submitted brief was very simple I was able to extract key points on what they need. Like most projects these are the steps I take to get the best result for the clients:

Research - Gathering information and images to create a moodboard for the brand.

Sketching concepts - With enough inspiration from the research phase I pencil down as many concepts and shapes as I can.

Digitalising filtered concepts - I then selected and vectorised 8 strong concepts

Bring it to life - This is where I presented 3 annotated concepts with mock-up examples so the client can visualise what the logo would look like.


This project was one of the quickest turnarounds I've done and the client was pleased with the final design and the process it took to get there.

Logo design for black professionals
Logo design for black professionalsLogo design for black professionals

The Early Years Black List

Logo Design
Apr 5, 2021

The client


The project

A collection of black professionals in early childhood education. This registry of professionals aims to not only support businesses but have a higher representation of black professionals in the media and other capacities.

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